Turning Olympus Around - what to do?

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Turning Olympus Around - what to do?

It strikes me that Olympus have fallen into the classic Engineer Led Company trap.

Build technically clever and innovative products and then assume that the market will move to them.

This never works.

They are a niche player, with a smaller market share, the only proven way to succeed in that sort of market is to identify one or more very clear features which  matter to their potential customers and which other vendors are not providing, then produce products which fill that gap.

For the economists out there this is Porter's Differentiation Strategy.

If I were JIP that would be my focus on day one. Put a pause on producing products which didn't really sell all that well and try to identify a suitable product niche. I wouldn't look at the opinions of us enthusiast crowd - we simply aren't a big enough market.

I would be looking at new moms, grandparents, millennial experience seekers etc and work out what their unfulfilled need was. Then develop products which fill their need.

Sadly this probably means less esoteric and fringe use lenses - no 500mm f2 primes, and no tilt/shift lenses. because these really dont sell. The target market for these is already crammed by the other manufacturers.

What I predict is much more cameras like the e-pl10 - but with bigger easy to read fonts on the menu and huge buttons, maybe an extension on the Tough line. things which play in the areas no-one else is currently addressing well.

Don't sell "industry leading 5 stop IBIS" - sell "clear pictures of your grand-kids with old shaky hands".

Don't sell "biggest selection of professional bird photographer lenses", sell "Hollywood colors and background blur from a  camera you fit in your purse".

Sell a waterproof camera you can plug direct into a USB port for streaming video to all those tens of thousands on new Only Fans sign up girls (and fewer) boys.

This is turnaround MBA 101 - lets hope they follow through.

My prediction* is that in 3 years time Olympus will be a success - but not selling the sort of thing that excites us here in DP Review.

[*random predictions you make which luck renders correct are called Northrups - in 3 years if I am right I will claim to be an industry guru]

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