Would you get the new 100-500mm lens?

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Re: Possibly, but not right now (RF Vs EF)

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Would you get this lens especially if you already have 100-400mm II?



When I first saw the leaks for this lens, I thought to myself that would likely "upgrade" to the RF. But now I'm not so sure. Because i have need for more focal length than I can squeeze out of the RF lens. I like that Canon have made this new lens. But regardless of the abilities of the EOS R to handle higher ISO, the main motivator with all lenses... (especially concerning AF in lowlight and exposure times) is going to be the aperture. And the maximum zoom of the EF 100-400mmL lens is f/5.6 @ 400mm compared to f/7.1 on the RF lens at 500mm.

Thanks Marco

Many of us have the 100-400mm II already. I wonder why Canon decided to make this lens. So much overlaps.

The mount system changed. There are 3 more contact pins for faster transmission speeds. The 100-400 is popular so they added another 100mm because people want morn reach at an affordable price.

The-digital-picture said "Improved communications is a critical part of the RF mount design. Along with a new microprocessor in the lens, the RF mount implements a 12-pin connection between the camera and the lens, a 50% increase over the 8 pins found on the EF mount. Along with more data channels, the new design provides higher speed data transfer for extremely fast AF, enhanced image stabilization and image quality optimization."

Do we have any demonstrated evident that AF is much faster with RF lenses? Perhaps, AF on the new RF 100-500mm f/7.1 is much faster than EF 100-400mm II despite differences in max. aperture?

Can’t wait to find out, hopefully it will be a noticeable improvement.

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