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Re: OEM ink only for me

DotCom Editor wrote:

I always catch a lot of flack for saying this, but I do not understand why anyone finds the enormous hassle and time suck of dealing with refilling cartridges with suspect third-party ink is worth the modest monetary savings. As always, YMMV.

I have been using refillable carts on my Epson 3880 since 2013 when I bought it.

I started with Inkjetmall (Cone) inks.  These are high quality, pigment, nanoparticle inks that closely match the OEM inks.  I was paying about 20 cents on the dollar for Cone ink and could mix them with OEM inks and also use the same ICC profiles.  Later I started buying expired OEM inks.  I learned from internet sources and now my own experience that there is no downside to using expired inks no matter how old.  I often get carts that hold up to 700 ml of ink at a small fraction of the original cost.  I have saved myself the cost of the printer many times over and currently have spent a few hundred dollars to accumulate an ink supply which is equivalent to a half dozen complete OEM cart replacements which would cost about $3000.

Once you get the hang of it, adding ink takes just a few minutes and is easy to do without any sort of mess except rinsing the syringes in a sink afterwards.

There is another huge advantage to refillable carts.  I often travel for months at a time and do not want to leave my printer primed up with ink.  I replace the ink carts with carts filled with cleaning solution (Piezo Flush).  When I return I prime with ink and have a like new clean machine with no build up of precipitates or junk in the lines, capping station, or print head.

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