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Ray UK wrote:

DPP is the best raw converter to use because it is designed to work with Canon cameras, it will allow you to take full advantage of all in camera settings and provide a very comprehensive range of lens corrections for Canon lenses. Third party software producers do not have access to the full details of Canon's raw format or their lens correction requirements.

DPP does not have some of the more advanced editing facilities of other software but that is not what it is designed for. It easy to do the necessary corrections in RAW then convert to TIFF or JPG to do any advanced editing with photoshop or similar software.

I have tried to make this point numerous times on this forum, but no one wants to hear this.   They often have paid big money for Photoshop and want to believe it does a great job.  DPP4 is slow and few of us have the patience to wait a minute to process a single raw file on a slow older computer.  Personally I have decided the wait is worth it.  The default noise reduction works great and in addition I often shoot macro at f/20 and really appreciate DPP4's diffraction correction.  I combine DPP4 with Elements.

Choice of software depends on what you want to do with it.  Years ago I was fascinated with what you could do with Photoshop.  Shock and awe photography with pumped up saturation and contrast was just the starting point.  Software allows all sorts of "creative" editing and image manipulation.  If that is your thing then as a minimum you need to start with the full Lr and Photoshop versions, plus all the major plugins such as Topaz and Nik.  Personally I moved away from the digital manipulation and the digital "arts".  I do straight photography, not digital arts.

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