For bird photography (usually NOT BIF), 7Dii & 600iii vs. 1Dxii & 1.4x & 600iii?

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Re: For bird photography (usually NOT BIF), 7Dii & 600iii vs. 1Dxii & 1.4x & 600iii?

Glass is king. First time, every time. Bare lens beats a teleconverter. Every time. Even when it is the excellent Canon converter. Nothing beats bare lens.

This is why your best choice - best by far - is whichever camera you prefer and a 600/4 bare lens. My choice is a 5D IV, though there are also good reasons to like a 7D II or a 5Ds. I own a 7D II and use it quite often with the 600/4. Nevertheless, all things considered, the 5D IV is even better.

No interest in a 1DX for this sort of work, it just doesn't have the pixel density. It is a truly wonderful camera - I have owned two different 1D cameras and still love them above all others - but it's simply not designed for the sort of work you are looking at tasking it with.

PS: Bonus: once you settle down to the excellent combination of a 5D IV and a 600/4 (or a 7D II if you prefer), you still have the option of adding a converter for those times when you really crave the extra reach. That's nice. And what is even nicer is taking the converter off again and glorying in that uniquely bare lens speed and clarity.

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