A big camera kit bag - how many hours do you spend outside with it?

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Re: A big camera kit bag - how many hours do you spend outside with it?

I did 4 round the world trips, with my film camera, digital camera, 4 lenses, plus all the filters, film, batteries, tripod, etc..  I would take my camera backpack out for up to 15 hours in a day.  Usually much less.  I'd say about 5 hours of walking and lugging around my stuff, on average.

The downside was that it was, of course, quite heavy and bulky.  Lots of times I would watch people zoom on by with nothing but their cell phone cameras.

But, I *always* had the right lens for the moment, which they did not.  And, after those trips, I was able to sell enough  (magazines and fine art prints) to pay for the entire 4 years of travel.  Which would have been impossible without my range of equipment.

On the other hand, if I were traveling and my only photographic purpose was to take photos for my own memories (or to share with friends/family), then I'd be very happy with a much more basic and lighter camera, along with a cell phone for walking around photography.

All depends on what you end goal is with your photography.  That will likely inform your equipment choices.

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