105mm 1.4E vs Canon 85mm 1.2L

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Re: 105mm 1.4E vs Canon 85mm 1.2L

Igor Sotelo wrote:

ExpatSooner wrote:

You should go for the 105. The 85 1.2 was first released in 1989. There’s been so many advances in lens design, coatings and technology since 1989 that I can’t understand why anyone would choose it now except for the 1.2 aperture. Sure it makes great images but 30 year old design is still 30 years old.

I had the Nikkor 85 1.4g and ordered the 105 as soon as it was announced. After a couple of days shooting the 105 I boxed up my 85 and sold it. I loved my 85 but the 105 is such a dramatic change in image quality that it had to go.

Well, it was around $650 with 3-months guarantee and the store allowed to pay it off in several months.

Optical designs of the 85mm FL, 1.8, 1.4 and 1.2 are well rounded since long time, and the newer 85mm 1.2L II from mid-2000’s has the same optical formula. Typically all 85mm are good lenses.

Was worried AF would be useless, but not, it works adequately. It looks a bit rough outside, though the optics are in great shape.

But the 105mm 1.4 is the better lens, definitely seems to be a must for a Nikon system.

It’s all down to what you shoot. If 85 is more comfortable for you then shoot the 85. I’m just giving my opinion as to how I shoot. If you got it at a good price then all the better. I hope you enjoy your new lens and get many years of use out of it,

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