D750 or Z6?

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Re: D750 or Z6?

dog house riley wrote:

Hello: I know this is a old post. 10 months ago, I could have cared less for either one. Today I've changed: After spending hours in research, between both systems I selected a new D750.

I will be the last to say which is better, I looked a Z6 with just adapter, no lenses, use my existing Nikon lenses. Just before a purchase, I purchased my long desired Nikon 58 1.4, that was this past December.

In march: I saw the opportunity to upgrade my D610, to D750, and am very satisfied. The day after the camera arrived the covid-19 hit and everything closed down. All I had a chance to do was walk around back yard and shoot a few snaps. I did get out on April 2nd, and did enjoy both camera and lens.

Today I'm trying to learn both, I still don't have the D750 set up just my way, but time is on my side.

The Z6 seems like a pretty good system, although its most likely Nikons ultimate future.

But using, both my D750, and 58 1.4 lens.

"dog house riley"

From my experience shooting with Z6 and a D4s in weddings and everyday matters, Z6 is more than good enough for nearly everything that does not demand the most out of the AF system. If you need to shoot portraits, family, street and not so high paced events, it will give you more than good amounts hit rates. If you need any kind of remote video work, Z6 is hands down the best body Nikon has to offer right now, there is not a comparable body when it comes to shooting videos except for the more pricey Z7. Not to mention it's really lightweight and the WIFI system is really handy for sharing photos fast.

If I need to shoot fast action or events in low light, however, I will reach out to my D4s (or D750 in your case). Because the optical viewfinder AF systems of current Nikon DSLRs have truly been tried and tested, and remain the industry leader not without a reason.

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