Do you buy new EF lenses?

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Out of curiosity: Assuming the entire RF lens setup exists (including the ones to come 2020), do you still buy EF lenses new? Even if there's an RF equivalent?

I assume many still do that, since either the RF equivalent is extremely expensive or because they want to use something like the drop in filter adapter.

Or do you see it as "lost investment", since the future is RF anyway, the lenses too long and big with the adapter etc?

Personally, I'd see EF lenses as a chance to get very good lenses at a much better price (including Sigmas and Tamrons).

I bought 2 EF lenses (already owned several) after I got the R. A 50 1.8 STM thinking it would AF better than my ancient V1 model. Surprisingly there is little difference as both do pretty good if a bit noisy. Second was a 100 2.8 L IS Macro as I wanted a moderate tele lens with IS. Great lens but the constant IS running is a bit bothersome and when I eventually got the RF 24-105 4L IS I didn't care about the 100 as much.

Just use the IS-switch on the lens. That's what i do.

Yeah I know. What can I say I'm lazy. I still don't understand why Canon doesn't at least allow an option to turn on the IS at half shutter press.

You can easily read 10 hours on this forum about that subject if you like.

Been there done that.  Bought the T shirt and everything.  I realize this will not change.  Only lens it really bothers me on is the 100.  One day I will be all RF.  Just going to take my time and move over when I find the lenses and deals I want.  No hurry.

So 2 tries and neither was something I can't live without, but both do what they are intended to even if I have other lenses that aren't drastically different in their performance.

In general I'd say if not already owning EF glass I'd try to buy comprable RF glass if possible, but if not, EF lenses work exceedingly well.

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