D750 or Z6?

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Re: D750 or Z6?

Hello: I know this is a old post. 10 months ago, I could have cared less for either one. Today I've changed: After spending hours in research, between both systems I selected a new D750.

I will be the last to say which is better, I looked a Z6 with just adapter, no lenses, use my existing Nikon lenses. Just before a purchase, I purchased my long desired Nikon 58 1.4, that was this past December.

In march: I saw the opportunity to upgrade my D610, to D750, and am very satisfied. The day after the camera arrived the covid-19 hit and everything closed down. All I had a chance to do was walk around back yard and shoot a few snaps. I did get out on April 2nd, and did enjoy both camera and lens.

Today I'm trying to learn both, I still don't have the D750 set up just my way, but time is on my side.

The Z6 seems like a pretty good system, although its most likely Nikons ultimate future.

But using, both my D750, and 58 1.4 lens.

"dog house riley"

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