What focal length do you wish you could natively use?

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Innovative zooms

What I would really like to see is some zooms with focal ranges you don't see everywhere else, and which really target some specific, common user groups.

1: 23-60mm f/2
Covering the 35mm-90mm equivalent focal lengths, it would be ideal for shooting events where the 35mm - 85mm combination is popular.
f/2 should be doable without getting too big thanks to the modest zoom ratio of just 2.5:1. It covers all the most popular focal lengths for photographing people in motion, so this is the perfect range for Fuji to fulfill the wishes of those who want an f/2 zoom. ~Equivalent to their highly praised GF 45-100mm.

2: 12-35mm f/4
Who actually wants to lug around a 'holy trinity' of three big zooms up a mountain for landscape photography? Combine this with the 55-200mm or similar, and you have the vast majority of the range in just two lenses. One on the camera and one at your side, no backpack excavation required.

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