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Re: End Of June...flowers

I've only had one M5.1 fail and one M1.1, too.  My second M1.1 is working well, though it had a week of losing its settings, that has stopped, so far.  That was the first sign something was going wrong on my first M1.1.  Is that talking smack?

The price on the G85 is certainly right.  I was considering a Panny G9 recently until Oly in Arizona tipped me about the Depth from Defocus system.  It is optimized to work best with Panasonic lenses.  It's on the G85, too.  I want my 12-200 to auto focus fast.  I focused manually for 40 years and had decided I could focus my 4/3 glass manually with the G9.  I'd really rather have a M1.2 or M1.3 to auto focus them.

When Olympus killed four thirds and the lenses temporarily crashed in value, I bought a few.  I've had my old 4/3 7-14 for around 14 years.

I was about to buy a new M1.3, but decided to wait a while since Olympus has thrown in the towel.  The price may drop considerably.  Or not.  I want a new camera, don't need it.  I still use my E5 when I'm very serious.  My M1.1 is quite adequate and so easy to use and carry.

Not needing, I'll just wait and see.  Rich

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