What focal length do you wish you could natively use?

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Re: What focal length do you wish you could natively use?

Well you're not alone; Those wishes have come up a lot, and are the ones I want as well.

10mm is another popular request, although my interest has waned. I'm not too hopeful we'll see them any time soon though, so am planning on the assumption that I won't get them.

It's been a looooong time since the last proper roadmap. I suspect the designs are long planned, but they're assessing the market for how much they should invest.

Remember: Adding lenses to the lineup isn't just a one-off development cost. It adds running logistics cost throughout the whole supply chain, as the number of parts goes up and more lenses sit around in storage and shelves, holding up capital. In production logistics we use a rule of thumb that the cost of storage is ~20% of the value of all the items in it, per year. Add transport, redoing info/marketing materials, adding more lenses to firmware support requirements, etc... Variety costs money.

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