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Rich Z
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Re: Out For A Walk

Thanks, WhyNot. Here at The Home residents can be assigned a garden if they apply then hope (with incantations) the current gardener.....stops.  There are around a half dozen resident gardeners.  They hate each other.  It is hilarious.  When I moved here two of them, a mean old man and a nasty old crone decided I could not photograph in their gardens.  That was hilarious, too.  I dealt with the old man but the crone was a problem.  Finally, in front of a crowd gathered to watch her perform, I asked her how much she would charge to haunt a house.  She squealed like a shoat and went to the manager, who came out to pacify her lust for blood, mine.  I told him she gave me the wrong answer.  He asked what that was and I said "How many rooms?"  He laughed and walked away and she never bothered me again, though she fixes me with a jaundiced eye when she sees me.

Forecast here for today is 63°, clear and sunny, with a 12 mph breeze off The Pacific.  Rich

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