Support Olympus and buy a new camera.

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Re: Support Olympus and buy a new camera.

Even if it's possible to resurrect Olympus, what would likely happen is that it will again make the same mistake of making products that are simply too big and too expensive for a M43 sensor, products that most Olympus users do not care about. And it would again fail and people left with no support and no upgrade.

I think M43 users should buy Panasonic instead.  Why buy products without support and that are likely to be the last products from that company.   It's important to ensure your lenses will still be usable in future on new bodies yet to come. Hopefully, with more people buying Panasonic, that will be incentive for Panasonic to continue in M43. Hopefully, Panasonic will learn from Olympus' mistake and make some top performance but compact cameras.

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