Dynamic range best at lower ISO : help me understand

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Re: Dynamic range best at lower ISO : help me understand

almostgreen wrote:

Doesn’t it make sense to raise ISO above the downstream read noise rather than amplifying the noise with brightening in post? No one has really talked about dual gain cameras where it does pay to raise ISO to the 2nd sweet spot. But that would help A little to bridge the gap between opposing viewpoints here.

Iliah, Bill or John would be far more qualified to respond, but I think the point is that the sensitivity adjustment represented by dual gain is a separate sensor engineering thing and has no direct relationship to ISO, which helps to explain why it appears rather arbitrarily to kick in at different ISOs on different cameras. It doesn't make it easier to understand what ISO is and how it relates back to other stuff going on farther back in the chain, so why try to use it to "bridge the gap" in viewpoints? It's better just to confront head-on what ISO is and what it isn't.

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