Support Olympus and buy a new camera.

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Re: Support Olympus and buy a new camera.

absoluutbeginner wrote:

Well we should all try to do that .... buy Olympus lenses or the E-M1II and III and the excellent E-M1X to support Olympus .

No thanks.  I did buy one of their cameras before but they continued to put too much emphasis on retro style so they weren't appealing to me.  Panasonic's ergonomics and feature set was much better geared towards me, and I certainly can't afford to support Olympus simply so that m43 will have two big manufacturers.

Their lenses were a similar story: I prefer compact, quality lenses, so I opted for Panasonic's lenses.  Most of the Olympus lenses in the range/performance area I was interested in were bigger than the Panasonic options.  The only lens they have that I was considering was/is the 12-100/4 but even there, the size/weight is a big concern for me.

In short, I would've been happy to support Olympus if they supported me by producing the products I was interested in (WR, updated ver of the 17/1.8, for example).

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