Support Olympus and buy a new camera.

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Re: Support Olympus and buy a new camera.

jeffharris wrote:

absoluutbeginner wrote:

Well we should all try to do that .... buy Olympus lenses or the E-M1II and III and the excellent E-M1X to support Olympus .

The EM1X. No thanks! If I wanted a camera that large, I'd buy a D850. Oh, WAIT…

If Olympus released a TG-series camera with a M4/3 sensor I'd be all over it!

I still see those photographers standing .. 4 men in an luxury hotel 4WD in Tanzania with the total amount of around lets say $40000 -50000 on camera equipment and looking like pro Photographers ...and the moment there was a leopard or cheetah around on 100-200m they all went to the same side of the top canopy 4wd with the big bodies (both flesh and camera's ) .And  with those large tele lenses they could not make one steady shot. You heard them shouting  to each other to stay still . And me standing alone in a non hotel rental 4wd .. with a small E-M1X +E-M1II with small lenses ... and we meet under way and I showed my pictures and they where stunned ... about the pictures .  That is the thing everyone forgets ... portability ..even with long lenses ...and yes with that "big" E-M1X. :-). The costs for them ? I think about 10000-15000 for the trip p/p for 5 days and for me 4000 for 2 weeks.

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