furniture flash photography problem with reflections ? Example with photo.

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Re: furniture flash photography problem with reflections ? Example with photo.

Andreascy wrote:

Yes in the scene there was multiple lights. yes was one fluorescent big light and yes exactly behind me a window with natural light, and i used to flash lights also. on the lef side was a flash with small flash sphere reflector and in the right was an octabox reflector.The first time i tried this, i used a white balance filter and take a custom WB. the Custom white balance was with flashes mixes with the avaliable light. but i notice that this not work and the images coming out with a pink cast. probably because the WB filter is taking the reading very close to the lens but the light was much different in the furniture.

There is no one white balance that will work for all of the lighting in the scene, since each light source will have a greater or lesser contribution which varies across the scene.

What pros do is to use only one kind of lighting so that the color of the light is uniform. Get one or two additional flashes. However, be aware that different power levels of the flash may alter the coloration.

Alternatively, if the color properties of all the lighting types are known, then gels can be used to match them. This can be done rather inexpensively with gels for flashes. Cinematographers may put gels over windows to match the lighting, but that can be expensive.

I would avoid fluorescent and common LED bulbs for this kind of work, unless they have been specifically vetted for photography.

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