furniture flash photography problem with reflections ? Example with photo.

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Re: furniture flash photography problem with reflections ? Example with photo.

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Don't use auto white balance. Set your white balance to "flash" and then have a neutral target in the scene as a check.

Are there any other light sources in the scene? It looks like there is bluish light coming from a window. To do this sort of thing well, you need to control *all* of the lighting.

Thank you for answering  me.

Yes in the scene there was multiple lights. yes was one fluorescent big light and yes exactly behind me a window with natural light, and i used to flash lights also. on the lef side was a flash with small flash sphere reflector and in the right was an octabox reflector.The first time i tried this, i used a white balance filter and take a custom WB. the Custom white balance was with flashes mixes with the avaliable light. but i notice that this not work and the images coming out with a pink cast. probably because the  WB filter is taking the reading very close to the lens but the light was much different in the furniture.

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