Do you buy new EF lenses?

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Re: Do you buy new EF lenses?

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Out of curiosity: Assuming the entire RF lens setup exists (including the ones to come 2020), do you still buy EF lenses new? Even if there's an RF equivalent?

I assume many still do that, since either the RF equivalent is extremely expensive or because they want to use something like the drop in filter adapter.

Or do you see it as "lost investment", since the future is RF anyway, the lenses too long and big with the adapter etc?

Personally, I'd see EF lenses as a chance to get very good lenses at a much better price (including Sigmas and Tamrons).

Well, Canon doesn’t make the choice easy. I was planning to buy the cheap and cheerful EF 85mm F1.8 new, until rumors surfaced that RF 85mm F2 STM is a stabilized macro, which solves the two biggest problems with older 85mm lenses like that EF (no IS and long MFD). I’ve suspended the purchase for the moment.

Unfortunately it appears that those rumors were wrong according to the recent updates, and that even if Canon does have an RF 85 f/2 coming, it won't be available any time soon. Many of us have been waiting for an affordable RF 85 but Canon hasn't even acknowledged it exists. You can get the EF 85 f/1.8 used for around $200 right now.

I have my adapted Tamron 85mm VC f/1.8 as long as there's no RF 85mm. There's also that Samyang f/1.4...

To bad if we have to wait any longer for that 50mm. I really want a stabilized 50mm compact prime.....

I only see the Samyang/Rokinon AF 85 on B&H and its not even available to buy. Any idea when its supposed to be released?

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