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Re: Useless!

Michael - I have an M5 but don't own the 18-150, however the 11-22, 18-55 and 55-200 Canon EF-M lenses are all very good, and comparable in IQ to the similar lenses on my 80D.  I would therefore expect the 18-150 to be broadly in line with the 18-135 STM on the 80D, which is a reasonably good lens given it has a very wide zoom range, and which I use for travel allowing for its minor limitations.  A friend of mine who is a similarly experienced photographer has the 18-150 on his M5 and finds it very good.  We both also have full frame outfits so we understand image quality.  The-digital-picture website has an extensive review of the 18-150 and concludes it is broadly similar in IQ to the 18-135, and I rate his reviews highly.  So it sounds as it you have a lemon - you should return in to WEX, I have found them helpful with problems like this in the past.

I would also point out that you are using a superzoom lens, with all its inherent optical compromises, on the most demanding APS-C body in existence!  Try that body with a truly excellent lens such as the 22mm, 35mm, or one of the Sigma primes and you will see what is possible.

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