if Fuji made a monochrome gfx 50r .... would you buy it ?

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Re: if Fuji made a monochrome gfx 50r .... would you buy it ?

JimKasson wrote:

rbf wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

Stan Disbrow wrote:


I had that on the old 460m. It did work well. Slow, of course. I think product shooter would make good use of a GFX mono and a wheel.

You have to know some color science to figure out how many segments you need and what their passbands should look like, then to construct a way to convert the spectral planes to colors. Not for the faint of heart or math (especially linear algebra) challenged.


Maybe a program could be written to do the conversion? Do you think this could be generalized into a tool that automates it?

Yes, of course you'd want to do the conversion automatically. If this became popular, it might make sense to sell a program that worked with a specific filter set and converted the captures to a colorimetric space. That would eliminate the requirement for color science expertise on the part of the user.

But I think the market is quite small. Museums, mostly, I'm guessing.


This is interesting to me. Maybe it's to work on my understanding of color science it's a particularly weak spot for me.

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