Who is buying an R5?

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Re: Who is buying an R5?

Well that will depend on price and exact features.

For me video feature are not important but still capability is.

Base questions will be what does it give me over Canon R and 5D IV (current models I own although I have to admit the R now gets used more than the 5D mainly due to size and weight)?

  • DR and image quality will be the key,
  • Frame rate less so.
  • The pixel count over 30m will factor as it will increase the ability to crop but still maintain resolution (lower need for longer focal length lenses).

So to the real decider will be price - predictions of price range seem to be from $2500 - $4000ish.

  • If it comes in around $2500 it will be a certain buy
  • At $4000 the features will be more important (and require selling either the R or 5D as 3 FF units is too much for my needs, probably the 5D IV will go) .
    • I will also be able to rationalize my lens collection
      • I can sell some of my older EF lenses and switch totally to RF lenses, assuming I sell 5D IV (low shutter count).
      • For example I now have both 24-70mm 2.8F 24-70 and 70-200mm 2.8F RF and EF lenses - two lenses could go. I'd probably keep 100-400 L and 85mm L lenses I have and use them with the adapter (although the predicted extenders could mean the 100-400 will go).
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