if Fuji made a monochrome gfx 50r .... would you buy it ?

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Re: if Fuji made a monochrome gfx 50r .... would you buy it ?

JimKasson wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

No, But I'd buy a monochrome GFX 100. I am not a fan of full spectrum cameras, though.

Jim, tell us more. Why would you do that? Very interesting.

To reduce mosaicing and demosaicing artifacts. I have a lot of experience with the Betterlight Super 6K, which doesn't have them, and the images are something special. Foveon users say the same thing.

So you don't think Leica is crazy for selling their top camera in a B&W only model for a bazillion dollars and that these Leica guys aren't nuts for buying it? I thought they were all nuts.

I don't think that the purchase of a very expensive monochrome camera is sufficient reason for diagnosing the purchaser as suffering from a mental illness. Maybe a reason for concern, though.

I need to read up more on the advantages of the dedicated B&W model vs just doing it in post.

I think one has to be mentally ill (at least to some degree), to buy a 5000 dollar Q2.  To buy a 15 thousand dollar B&W only rig is a form of insanity that verges on the realm of people who buy and restore 80 foot tugboats.  (I actually am friends with a guy who is doing that - seriously!)

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