if Fuji made a monochrome gfx 50r .... would you buy it ?

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Re: if Fuji made a monochrome gfx 50r .... would you buy it ?

Stan Disbrow wrote:


Well, I have had matching mono and color models for decades with the old Kodak CCDs. Both the M6 (460) and the M16 (660/760) process. I only recently sold my venerable DCS660m because it has become collectable and so worth more than I paid for it. Much more. Enough to buy my entire Pentax 645D system. Which, I have more use for.

I can say that there is a difference shooting B+W with a mono sensor vs making up B+W from the color one. In my case, a marked difference. I expect the same would hold true for a Fuji, both the 50 and the 100.

Right now, I am in the 'convert color to B+W' camp. But, I am also thinking about picking up a used Nikon Df and performing the sensor conversion myself. I don't expect, especially at this late date, that Nikon will ever get around to doing so. Even though they have the mono variant of the sensor in the parts bin over on the microscope camera side of the plant....

Hmmm. Maybe a second P645D and do it myself to that Kodak CCD....


If we had a monochrome camera, we could, using a filter wheel, make images with accurate color.

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