Dynamic range best at lower ISO : help me understand

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Re: Dynamic range best at lower ISO : help me understand

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Bill, when you use negative exposure compensation you are telling the camera to set 18% grey lower down the histogram so the fixed amount of room on the histogram for highlights is sufficient for the bright light of the scene. Did I get this right?

and it’s a puzzle that a scene with lots of Very darks and bright tones wouldn’t also set that 18% point lower.

Certainly even with exposure compensation set to zero metering can be fooled by an y particular scene.
For me that is the primary use of exposure compensation, to "compensate" for metering "errors".
For example, if I know there is a small amount of bright content that the metering will overlook and might/will get clipped, then I use negative exposure compensation.

That would be an appropriate attitude to adopt when metering to optimize lightness output (e.g., when you're prioritizing for OOC JPEG output or minimal manual processing adjustments during and after raw conversion). However, this is not the appropriate attitude to adopt when metering to optimize raw output. The better approach for raw output is to identify critical highlights and actively meter on them and de-prioritize the lightness-output consequences. You worry about those later when converting/editing the raw. Photographers get into trouble when they try to straddle both worlds by trying to optimize for lightness output and raw output at the same time (and ISO adjustment is often the specific mechanism that gets them into trouble here).

Sure, there are times when I use Exposure Compensation to Expose To The Right (ETTR) knowing I'll be post processing. I simply didn't complicate my post with that nuance.

Sorry if my response came across as critical. Not intended. What I was intending was to stimulate the discussion to address the broader issue of the role of metering and the important difference your output requirements (broadly speaking, JPEG vs raw) should make with how you think about metering.

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