Cost -> we are spoiled. Similar system to what I have - oh dear...

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Re: Cost -> we are spoiled. Similar system to what I have - oh dear...

pforsell wrote:

linux99 wrote:

I was really lucky and managed to build up a decent system at a time in my life when I was relatively affluent.

I have:

  • nice fast telephoto zoom lens (45-150 2.8)
  • excellent set of portrait primes (1.8 25, 45, 74)
  • a walk around travel zoom (12-50)
  • a couple of wide angle primes (the 14 2.5, 20 1.7)
  • and the superb 50 mm f2.0 4/3 macro with an adapter.

I've also got some of the (really very for for the $$$) Sigma primes - but I split those with my kid so tend not to count them for replacement purposes.

That lets me shoot just about everything i want - at a level that far surpasses my ability to extract the max from them.

I just looked at what a set of lenses with comparable characteristics would cost me if I switched systems. I can easy break the $10,000 barrier and even by choosing the "not so good" options (and mine were never the premium lenses for the most pat - so that's fair) I can get very close the to the $10k sum.

Good grief! our lenses in the m4/3 world are cheap and awesome by comparison!

I'm going to see what happens with the new Oly owners, I'm very glad that so far my Oly bodies are still working well and seem to last, because a dollar these days doesn't come nearly as easy as it used to.

Lenses that do the same thing are the same size. Regardless of the sensor. If you compare apples to apples, you might be surprised. Just one random example:

OM-D E-M1 Mk III + 40-150/2.8

$1349 + $1599 = $2948

Nikon Z6 + FTZ adapter + XQD memory card + AF-P 70-300/4.5~5.6 VR

I had the AF-P 70-300/4.5~5.6 VR on a D500 and had to stop down to f.8.0 to get sharp results.

$1646 + $546 = $2198

The Nikkor is very good and in MFT terms 35-150 f/2.2-2.8.

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