Search for the cheap new aps-c to adapt

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Re: Search for the cheap new aps-c to adapt

Tom Caldwell wrote:

walter g1 wrote:


Neewer 85mmf1.8 is a 6/6 design.

Opteka 85mm f1.8 is a 10/7 design.

There are also cheap 85mm f1.8 lenses with a 9/7 design.

Not that I care that much but this Opteka thing has me a bit puzzled:

Looks like 6x6 in the illustration

I've looked it up, and to my eye it was very easy to classify this lens below every single 100/2.8 or 100/2.5 I've used.

Sometimes cheap 3rd party lenses can be great. This is not the case. Whatever true lens count was, it did not help.

If one really wants cheap and heavy 85, double the price and get a Samyang 85/1.4. Obviously Samyang is not twice as good as Opteka 85/1.8.

At least five times as good is more like it.

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I like to shoot with manual lenses. Here are some of my photos:

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