Best performing AF adapter for Nikon Z?

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Re: Best performing AF adapter for Nikon Z?

James Stirling

Thanks for all that feedback, good to know.

I haven't actually seen anything myself that supports your experience with the FTZ and Nikon lenses - I've mainly watched and read that while it works well enough with some, it doesn't with all (G lenses), yet, again, this was mostly pre-3.0 firmware and I'll take your experience on board.

Canon experience seemed generally on par with Nikon G on FTZ.

Re: Sony, I'm not sure what AF modes people were using in tests, but yeah have heard the same as you've expressed, they seem generally more happy, and more than a few have said they've experienced nearly indistinguishable performance from native glass (which I've not heard/read anyone say re G glass on FTZ).

One consistent issue I've seen was the option to manually switch between which eye is focus (left/right arrows) doesn't seem to work consistently with most adapted glass, though eye AF does carry over.

If you are not going for native lenses . Then the Canon mirrorless with Canon EF glass is probably your best bet as the reviews suggest the performance is very good basically native . EF lenses also seem to be the easiest to adapt to other mounts .

Yes, exactly.

I see you are a videographer, I don't know if you are the stuff in a cage manual focus type where AF is therefore irrelevant . Or in the run and gun type where video AF is important in this area Canon's dual pixel AF is I think the best

I've been a manual shooter for years, yet AF is definitely not irrelevant - esp now that it's viable (would have started sooner, but didn't want to jump ship from m4/3, now I'm selling gear and ready to). AF is actually a key reason why I'm considering the z6. Also with it's adaptibility for manual/vintage lenses on the z6, as AF isn't ideal for everything.

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