Does the 90D have a real focus problem?

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Re: Does the 90D have a real focus problem?

Ad12 wrote:

Does anyone concur that it may have benefit to take a couple of similar shots, one normally, one with mirror lock up enabled, and see if shutter shock is an issue?

Whenever I get a new camera, I test the capabilities, limitations and the compromises I will need to make.

I would look at shutter shock to see when and if image quality might benefit from mirror lock up.  Of course I would also look at shooting hand held versus on a tripod.  I evaluate high ISO noise and noise that would come from pulling details from darkly exposed areas.  I am especially concerned about diffraction since I often shoot at high f stops to maximize depth of field.  I would look at image quality and especially noise and diffraction when shooting raw versus jpeg.  We have spent lots of time discussing autofocus.  I rarely use AF servo but I do look at the AF performance in terms of accuracy, precision, and the ability to AF in low light and at macro distances.  The last consideration has been a problem until I got my 90D.

I also look at the metering modes even though I have not seen many differences between Canon models in the last several years.  I usually settle on center weighted metering because the results are highly predictable even though exposure compensation is more likely to be needed than with evaluative metering.

You can read reviews and try to understand technology until you are blue in the face.  Having direct experience with the variables is way more important.  Fortunately I have found significant improvement with the 90D over my previous Canon DSLRs.  The focusing works really well even at macro distances.  I did not need to make any MFA lens adjustments.  High ISO noise is very significantly improved and I am starting to use autoISO up to 6400 without any concern about compromising image quality.  The diffraction correction also works well.  For previous cameras it did not seem to do anything.  Now I can shoot at f/20 and sometimes up to f/29 without much concern about softening due to diffraction.

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