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Rich Z
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Out For A Walk

Saturday was overcast to foggy, great for a walk and pictures. These in the order I made them.

The gardens here at The Home are in full bloom so I made the first four before I headed for the slough.

The Bayshore Trail headed for Mc Farland Slough and Dead Mouse Marsh.

The lowest tide I've seen in a long time. Mc Farland Slough joining Eureka Slough. I had to stand there for a while to catch The Pacific Coast Highway bridge without cars.

The Marine layer is tight but high, as it usually is. I love the fog. This day, 62° here. Inland it got to 112° or 44.4° C.

Eureka Slough meeting Humboldt Bay, looking West. The Pacific is just past the peninsula out there.

I made these last five in a local vegetable garden which features lots of flowers.

Lots of climbing roses in this garden.

This climbing rose bush covers 6 feet of fence and usually gives me a rose with blue sky behind.

A petrified potato, I think. It's as hard as a rock. I gave it a helluva squeeze and it didn't give.

Another rose bush climbing along a fence.

Last one. This garden is next to The Home. I had walked a mile and a half and was pleasantly sore and tired. I went home and put some juniper liniment down my gullet.

That's all. Rich

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