Do you buy new EF lenses?

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Re: Do you buy new EF lenses?

Vunite wrote:

Out of curiosity: Assuming the entire RF lens setup exists (including the ones to come 2020), do you still buy EF lenses new? Even if there's an RF equivalent?

I assume many still do that, since either the RF equivalent is extremely expensive or because they want to use something like the drop in filter adapter.

Or do you see it as "lost investment", since the future is RF anyway, the lenses too long and big with the adapter etc?

Personally, I'd see EF lenses as a chance to get very good lenses at a much better price (including Sigmas and Tamrons).

The EF lenses that I did buy initially, I bought 2nd hand (which probably says something about me) and I'm slowly replacing those with their RF versions as they are released. I readily admit that I probably don't *need* the RF lenses over their EF versions but when spending this amount of money I expect to be using the same glass in many years to come so will spend on the latest and greatest, as I'd probably get them at some point in the future anyway.

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