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I have a d5600 with a Tamron 18-400 lens which I got to get into wildlife photography. After 18 months I have come to appreciate the limitations of both, so were do I go? Do I get a d7500 or a nikon 200 - 500 vr lens. I had thought of getting the lens first to see how well it worked on the 5600 compared to the tamron but think the af will struggle. I am going to Afica on safari in November, hence why looking now. Suggestions welcome or even alternatives. I do have 2 other dx lens 35mm prime and 18-140. Thanks in advance.

Have you considered buying the D500 probably the best DX wildelife and sports camera available today by any manufacturer, bar non, the AF just simply works , 10 fps, comfortable body, option of a battery pack. You could buy a 200-500 later and have a match made in heaven.

Hi Mike, I had looked at the d500 but as that would double my budget and still leave me with the not sharp pictures from the Tamron. Granted the 500 could improve the lense to a point. Getting good glass now I think is my best option, then wait until the 500 drops in price.

Just taken the plunge and bought a 200-500 second hand. It looks spotless and have spoke to the seller who is so certain I will love has given me 14 days return if I'm not. Got it 25% cheaper than new, which when I sell the Tamron will help towards a new body.

Congrat's the 200-500 is a stunning lens.

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