Question about Panasonic 14-140mm versions

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Re: Question about Panasonic 14-140mm versions

brentbrent wrote:

Actually, Panasonic has released three 14-140 lenses (not counting merely cosmetic changes):

A. the 14-140 f/4-5.8, model number V-S014140, released in 2009. Big, heavy, and with a reputation for middling to poor image quality;

It was bigger, but I disagree about image quality. It was probably the first decent superzoom on any mount (except perhaps for the monstrous Canon L). The newer two are better though.

B. the 14-140 f/3.5-5.6 released in 2013, model number H-FS14140. Although many, including me, referred to this lens as the "14-140 MKII," that was a misnomer. It was a completely new lens, smaller, lighter, different aperture range, with better image quality than the original f//4-5.8 lens ("A"), not an updated version of that lens. Panasonic may have slightly changed the cosmetics of this lens over the years since its release; and

C. the 14-140 f/3.5-5.6 MKII, model number H-FSA14140, which is a weather-resistant version of "B" above. This lens was just announced on April 5, 2019, and hit the market perhaps in May. As an updated version of an existing lens, it is the true "MKII" lens.

The "B" lens above will do Dual IS2 with firmware update v. 1.2.

I think the "B" and "C" lenses are optically the same, and "C" is just weather resistant.

Did C also get a coating upgrade, like the 100-300? Anyway B is great and cheap used, if you don't need the weather sealing. They've been around for a while though, so C is a safer bet.

I have the B version. I think it has a very slight IR hotspot at some FL, easily fixed in post, at least in B&W as I do. Overall I'd consider it very satisfactory IQ wise, and incredibly versatile.

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