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Re: Why? Because Camera Movements Are Useful For Solving Optical and Creative Conundrums

Andre Yew wrote:

Tilt-shift lenses are a pretty specialized and expensive thing to get on a lark. If you want to experiment with shift, one of the easiest ways to do it is to get a very wide, low-distortion lens, like maybe one of the Laowas (I've never used one, so do your research), and then shoot with your camera level to the horizon and crop your frame to make your composition.

The wide lens will help get your whole subject in your frame, the level camera will ensure that your vertical lines aren't collapsing in (or out), and you can then crop into your photo to just show your subject since a wide angle lens will include a lot of extra stuff.

This is a pretty easy way to see if that's the kind of photo you want to make before spending $$$ on a tilt-shift lens.

I didn’t want to experiment with shift. I wanted to experiment with tilt AND shift.
I don’t see why it should matter to you how I choose to spend my money. I’ve bought bigger, way more expensive lenses for the same reason, “a lark” as you put it. I don’t make a lot of money taking photos but I’ve put together an amazing kit over the years because I only buy the best. I’m fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to provide for my family and still buy gear that’s outside the norm for many.
I could go with a view camera or my trusty, old Hasselblad but film takes too long to process where I live. It takes them 7-10 days to process slide film or B&W (I should be processing this myself at home but little kids and chemicals shouldn’t mix). I could take the Blad digital but it’s nigh on impossible to justify dropping that kind of money on a back I’d use about once a month.

I have wide lenses, 14-24, 17-35 and 16-35 not to mention all the primes. They can’t do the same things a tilt/shift can do. When I buy gear I only buy the very best which is how I ended up with the 19. When you want only the best and can afford it then why is price important? I’m not worried about my financial situation and you shouldn’t be either.

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