3rd party battery problem in 5DMk4

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Re: 3rd party battery problem in 5DMk4

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Muggo wrote:

I have a couple of no name LP-E6 batteries from my old 6D. In my 6D, they used to perform just as well as a genuine Canon one & allow me to take around 600 shots before recharge was required. However, when I use these batteries in my new 5DMk4, they go flat in approx 85 shots. The Canon charger says they are fully charged before use.

I didn't think a Canon charger actually charged most 3rd party batteries, but I may be wrong as I don't own any 3rd party batteries to test it with.

I do recall others saying that the batteries don't charge properly. Do you have your 3rd party charger that came with the batteries ?

The camera reports 3 green bars on each suggesting the batteries are in good condition, but I'm only getting about 15% actual performance. I have a genuine Canon battery (LP-E6N but only 2 green bars) that gives 600 shots plus.

The bars would indicate battery health, not charge level, so if the batteries are healthy, but not charging fully, that might explain the short life.

What's going wrong please? I don't plan to pay top price for a spare genuine Canon one, so what make of 3rd party battery will solve my problem? Should I believe the claims of greater battery capacity from some of the 3rd party ones?

No, most 3rd party battery capacity claims (and not just camera batteries) are complete fiction. It is like seeing the claims of 2500mAh for a little A123 rechargeable (I use them in my old Arlo cameras) - complete nonsense - the best you will get from a reputable brand A123 is about 700mAh - 2500mAh is pure fiction. Camera batteries are not much different.


Thanks Colin. I have a 3rd party charger I could try to see if that gives more charge than the Canon charger. The Canon one does indicate it's fully charged, but the camera seems to contradict that. I'll try it and report back.

I tried with my 3rd party charger & it made no difference.  Guess I'll have to try a new battery & see how that works out.

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