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Re: Color Space - Shooting and Editing

hwg wrote:

Gosh this stuff gets complicated quick...

If i have it correct...

To summarise...

For RAWshooting (I didn't buy a D850 to shoot jpg )

How true is the following?

The camera colour space setting is irrelevant for RAW.

if the image is to be displayed on:-

the WEB then export in sRGB

HOME COMPUTER screen then export in sRGB

(i assume most home computers do not have an aRGB monitor)

PHONE SCREEN then export in sRGB

High End Apple computer/phone then export in sRGB or Maybe aRGB ???


(I don’t know much about apple stuff - do they have aRGB displays?

Close: DCI-P3.

DCI-P3 vs Adobe RGB (1998)

I know they have lovely displays)

PAPER PRINT from; Photobox, Boots, Tesco, etc. then export in sRGB

If that's what they demand: not ideal for printing but again, if that's what they say to send, yes.

PAPER PRINT from a professional CMYK printer then export in aRGB

Sure or better the actual output color space if you have a profile for the exact process.

I would imagine the photo printing company will specify the colour space to use when sending the jpgs in to them.


HOME PRINTER... well.. this is a whole new ball game

check the spec of the printer.

I assume most HOME INKJET PRINTERS will only do sRGB (if that)


NO printer can print the entire sRGB color gamut but that's a different discussion.

Especially if it only has 3 colour tanks (or maybe 6 tanks)

“maybe” 6 tanks is enough for aRGB,
it would be in the spec of the printer documentation.

if it has more than 6 colour tanks it may be able to handle aRGB

how much of the above is true?


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