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Kaj E wrote:

ggbutcher wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

"True raw histogram" can't use an ambiguous conversion that input colour profiles offer, and it's not about how raw data looks to an eye after it has being rendered through a profile and clipped by a tone curve. True raw histogram should "expose" the exposure space directly.

Here's a "really raw" histogram, left-center panel:

All I did to the raw image array from the file was to scale the data so it would fill the histogram range. Of note is the white spot in the image, this is a locomotive headlight producing saturated pixels, but there aren't enough of them to make a detectable spike on the right side of the histogram.

More importantly, note the expanse of "no data" between the data pileup on the left and white on the right. That's the realm of ETTR, where I could have opened the aperture from f8 or decreased the shutter speed from 1/750sec to move more data into that space, at the expense of more blown headlight. Having most of the image data at the bottom of the histogram makes it a bit noisy.

That's the essential challenge: finding the exposure that moves the right end of the pile as close to saturation as possible without blowing through it. For this image, that would have been about 3 stops of aperture and/or shutter speed. The JPEG in-camera histogram doesn't help at all in figuring that out...

Edit: Iliah, this wasn't for you, I know you know all this. More of a general illustration for the rest of us...

What software is this? Does not look like a true Raw file viewer like RawDigger. That is what I have used to calibrate my camera exposure meter.

In your image there is no scale to the histogram.

It's my concoction, which I use for all my image processing.  I used it here because I don't have rawdigger, which is the only currently available software I know that'll depict a histogram of the raw data.  There was a program called Histogrammer that would do it, but I don't think it's currently maintained.

I have a EV scale, but I turned it off because it cluttered the left hand side and blocked view of the data, for this illustration.  I turned it on to get the +3EV I posted.

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