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Iliah Borg wrote:

ggbutcher wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

"True raw histogram" can't use an ambiguous conversion that input colour profiles offer, and it's not about how raw data looks to an eye after it has being rendered through a profile and clipped by a tone curve. True raw histogram should "expose" the exposure space directly.

Here's a "really raw" histogram, left-center panel:

All I did to the raw image array from the file was to scale the data so it would fill the histogram range.

Ummm... I scale the histogram range, I don't touch raw data.

Fair enough, I just did it for the illustration.  If I hadn't, the 14-bit data would have been even more scrunched to the left in the window, as it would have effectively been plotted in the 16-bit range as provide by libraw.

I haven't felt the need to program a log histogram...

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