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Re: RGB Filters

bthomas001 wrote:

19andrew47 wrote:

A very interesting result Bruce. I don't think I have seen this effect used before. So how much of a time lapse between the three shots? Now when you say through rgb filters do you mean screw in glass filters or are we talking after the fact digital filters applied in post? I can see possibly doing this with an in camera bracket of three (or more) and then applying digital filters to the files and combining them, maybe.

In the old days, it was either 3 exposures on tripod via screw in filters and a...triple exposure.


We also would make a homemade "drop through" filter out of Kodak test strip boxes. The box was thin and long...we would attach blank (for black out) then RGB filters in a row, You attached the box to the lens with the blank (blackout slide) in place, then open the shutter and let the RGB filters drop past the lens, for a quicker RGB sequence.

In digital days, just shoot 3 exposures in rapid sequence and make on R one G and one B then blend all three in Photoshop....some more examples, below:

Kodak used to publish quarterly "How to make better photograhs" pamphlets that they sold in photo shops....and instructions on how to make the Kodak Test Strip box "drop through" Harris Shutter was featured, one month.

Most examples of the Harris Shutter are poorly executed.

Mine are 'not so bad'

I think they are cool! Must try that some time.

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