Will Fujifilm be next?

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Re: Will Fujifilm be next?

Spazmaster wrote:

The Fat Fish wrote:

All camera brands are struggling, even the giants like Canon and Nikon. What we will likely see is some changes in the way Fuji does things.

1) I can see Fuji dropping X-Trans in order to reduce costs, increase performance and appeal to a slightly wider market.

2) Consider the full frame market. I'd love a full frame X-T4 but its always been unlikely. Now full frame is coming more budget, Fuji may consider entering the market.

3) Reduce the prices of their cameras. For the most part, Fuji's are great value but the reduced cost of full frame may mean they need to reduce their APS-C price.

4) Invest in other areas to support their camera business. Fuji like Canon and Nikon are huge companies that compete in many industries. I can see those other industries attracting their primary focus.

5) Design some less retro styled bodies. I really like the Fuji designs like the X-T4 and the X-E3 but appealing to a niche market is risky.

6) Increase video features. This is something they have done well and started back with the X-T2. Many dinosaurs will claim this is a terrible idea but know that it isn't in place of stills, it's in addition to them.

7) Offer more affordable lenses. Fuji already have the XC line of lenses but I can see the XF line getting cheaper. When you get a good copy, Fuji lenses are fantastic but they are not cheap for APS-C. I can see some more aggressive lens pricing coming in future.

2) I cant see them ever going FF, it would cannibalize to much of their other lines, plus if they WERE struggling, pouring a bunch of money into R&D for a full new line of lenses and bodys would be about the worst idea possible.

3 + 7) Reduce prices of cameras and lenses I agree with, even if just by a little to make a bit more competitive. Make the lenses the price that they were a year or two ago.

4) Fuji is already incredibly diverse and their imaging division only makes up 11% of their revenue if I remember correctly.

5) Less retro bodys they have with the X-H line, hopefully we see the rumoured X-H2 soon.

6) I agree and they are certainly getting there with the X-T4. I hope in the future the X-H line will have even better video features and maybe leave the X-T line for more photo oriented and reduce costs?
Personally I don't see Fuji failing any faster than Canon, Panasonic, or Nikon.
Sony will be last to go IMO because they are a huge company, lead the market in all features, especially AF. And supply sensors to many other company's.
Honestly watching that Fuji documentary linked in this thread gives me hope for the future. Fuji pivoted and diversified so quickly in the early 2000s they certainly know what theyre doing. They see photography as a must keep to stay true to their roots, even though they dont make much money off of it now.

Canon, Nikon, and Sony has a much larger market share than Fujifilm when it comes to camera sales.

Assuming you are correct about Fujifilm's imaging division making up for 11% of their revenue, let's remember that their Instax cameras are what keeping their imaging division afloat.

Tim C.

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