Wired vs WiFi speed test results

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Re: Wired vs WiFi speed test results

There are many different factors that can affect the overall performance of WiFi for a given device.

  • Distance from your router
  • Quantity and type of physical obstructions between you and your router
  • The signal strength and overall quality of wifi coming from your device, not just to it
  • The quantity of other devices on the wifi
  • What those other devices are doing
  • The strength of the connections for the other devices (their connection quality can affect your wifi performace)
  • Etc...

My suggestion would be to apply any efforts towards isolating what’s behind the speeds you’re seeing.

For starters, you may want to disconnect all other wifi devices, and run your test while seated in the same room as your wifi router. Next, with the other devices still disconnected, repeat your tests working your way “outward” while paying attention to what’s between you and the router. If that all seems OK or “acceptable” then starting adding other wifi devices back on the network.

Should you be interested in a a bit of additional info, below are a couple of previous posts of mine that describe how certain circumstances can impact wifi.


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