USB and card connection from Sony A7iii to Windows 10

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Re: USB and card connection from Sony A7iii to Windows 10

VinnySem wrote:

If you are shooting in RAW format, you either need the Sony RAW driver, or import them with an application that recognizes RAW image files such as Lightroom or RawTherapee.

Well the obvious thing to do is to import via Sony Play Memories Home. Yes, a stupid name, but it is excellent for importing Sony RAW files. You can select how the import folder is set up, such as by taken-date for example.

Obviously viewing images is no problem and full-screen is an option. It then enables you to open the RAW in any developer of choice e.g. LightRoom, Affinity, Topaz, Corel Paintshop Pro etc., whatever you prefer.  It also does slideshows and can order all images in taken-date etc. etc.. Edited files appear automatically in the selected folder provided they are not saved in developer's in-house format.

Altogether it's a very useful system for initially downloading files from Sony cameras.

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