Forcing Windows to use Dell UP2718Q driver?

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Re: Forcing Windows to use Dell UP2718Q driver?

Billiam29 wrote:

You likely don't need to concern yourself with it. Probably 99.9% of monitors today don't need drivers to be installed. They're simply no longer needed.

One possible exception might be if a monitor makes use of an internal hardware LUT for storing calibration data. Even then, a Windows driver may not be needed if the calibration software includes its own driver within the application.

Back in the Windows 95-98 days (and maybe early XP) monitors needed "drivers" to tell Windows things like what the resolution and refresh rate capabilities were for the display. All of that is done automatically these days over the "data portions" of HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI connections.

Thanks for the reply. Yes the Dell UP2718Q has hardware calibration with internal LUT. Process is run using x-rite’s Dell Ultrasharp calibration software module. Everything seems to be working fine and displayed correctly in Lightroom provided I also set the post cal ICC file as Windows default in Color Management.

Just a bit irritating that monitor shows up as a generic plug and play monitor in Windows and I can’t install the Dell driver. Encouraging to hear that it probably doesn’t matter.

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