What Essential Accessories Do You Recommend for the Fujifilm X-T4?

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Re: What Essential Accessories Do You Recommend for the Fujifilm X-T4?

jhorse wrote:

Hi, hope I can shed a little light. Of course, 'essential' is relative to each of our needs, shooting circumstances and risk calculus.

As one with a XT4 and primarily using it for hiking, family days out and family sports, here are my essential accessories.

  • Spare battery. With the XT3 I used to have two, but the bigger XT4 battery two are sufficient for my needs. I have considered the charger unit, but for me it is a nice to have rather than essential. I may get one downstream.
  • Protect filter. I use protection (not UV) filters on my lenses. I use the Fuji EBC protect filter on the basis that they probably use a similar quality of glass in their filters as their lenses and thus the IQ is unaffected. In unscientific tests I can see no discernible IQ difference between images with and without the filter.
  • Strap. I have never used the straps provided. I have recently taken to using a Peak Design Slide for my XT4 and 16-55 as it carries the weight, is comfortable and is detachable.
  • Grip. On my XT3 I used a Meike non-battery grip to added ergonomics. They have yet to produce, to my knowledge, a XT4 version. I tried a JJC version on the XT4, but it was not comfortable (returned it). I have a SmallRig one in transit (model LCF2813), hoping it will be good.
  • CircPol. I use a CircPol filter quite a lot for landscapes. I have just bought, last weekend, a X4 CicPol from Breakthrough Photography. It is brass mounted, has a good turning feel and does not appear to impact IQ.

Hope these ideas help, but as I say our definitions of essential may be different. Good luck.

Thanks for such a detailed response Jules. Much appreciated.

  • Battery - Yeah same thinking as me. I think one spare battery is sufficient for now, particularly as I can utilise a PD battery pack when hiking etc. I've ordered a second from Bristol Cameras in the UK.
  • Protector Filter- About the same price as the B & W one (£53 on Amazon), but I decided to go with the one you have as it's from Fuji themselves. Thanks for the tip. It will arrive in a few days
  • Strap - Same strap I have. I bought it in 2018 for the Canon M50
  • Grip - I haven't see that one before. The one I had saved on eBay was a full cage. Would love to hear your thoughts when you get it.

All I need to do now is buy a memory card (or two)

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