Canon EF lens to Nikon F Mount adapter?

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Re: Canon EF lens to Nikon F Mount adapter?

nbirkett wrote:

No idea how good these are but B&H does list several adapters to mount Canon EF lenses to Z mount Nikons. They also list 3 adapters to mount Canon FD lenses to a Nikon F-mount camera. I know these don't really fill your exact need (Canon EF to F-mount). But, I was interested that there even these options.

Amazon also lists an adapter (Serounder EF-AI Manual Focus Lens Adapter Ring) that claims to allow mounting Canon EF lenses to Nikon f-mount while maintaining infinity focus. Given the price (under $40), I wonder about performance.

Yep, I'm finding that this is likely not a good option. I was just curious if anyone knew of a decent solution. Sounds like there are plenty of options available for using a Canon lens on mirrorless cameras though.

I'm a Nikon shooter, but Canon has a 17mm Tilt-Shift lens which is about $1300 less expensive than the Nikon 19mm T/S. It also gets decent reviews. My only other option would be to buy a Canon camera, but then I'm not saving any money

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