True Ektar color

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Re: True Ektar color

Not B. B has a very strong magenta cast on my calibrated monitor. This makes me wonder whether your monitor calibration is at issue. In the meantime, check the pictures on an recent iPad. They are pretty well-calibrated.

Glasses often add a color cast (I have a set that have a green cast and another that has a magenta cast), so adjust without them or get neutral ones.

Finally, when you wet-print color negative film, you adjust all these things (white balance, contrast, saturation, etc.) to taste with exposure time and filters in the enlarger, so there is no one set look. What distinguished a good lab from a bad lab was the taste and skill of the person (if any) who did this adjustment. So why use film if the color isn't standardized? Because of its latitude and how it renders highlights. Even for B&W there was never a set look for any particular film because you would adjust lightness and contrast to taste when printing.

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