Yongnuo YN-24EX LED question/problem

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Yongnuo YN-24EX LED question/problem

Hello. This is my first post here, but I've been shooting tiny insects for a long time in order to identify them and capture their beauty. I started with a pocket camera, and as I kept noticing smaller and smaller insects (and seeing other people's great photos of them), I kept upgrading my equipment, up to a point anyway, so as to be able to take better and better pictures of smaller and smaller critters.

For the past couple years, I've used a Canon 70D, Canon MP-E 65mm, and Yongnuo YN-24EX. (Before that, I used a Rebel T3i, MP-E, and Yongnuo ring flash.)

I use the YN-24EX in ETTL mode, if that matters, and I have its LED focus-assist lights set to illuminate to level-II brightness when I half-depress the shutter button (custom function 8, set to 02).

Here's my problem. After I take a shot, I often press the "play" button on the camera so I can view the image. If the LED focus-assist lights have gone out by that time, pressing that button re-illuminates them. I don't want pressing that button to have that effect, and I don't know why it does. I assume that, the more those lights are illuminated, the sooner the batteries will run out, and it's a pain to turn the flash unit completely off every time I want to review a pic.

This issue does not occur if custom function 8 is set to 00 or 01, but then a half-press of the shutter won't illuminate the LEDs (00) or only illuminates them to level-I brightness (01), neither of which is satisfactory.

Thank you for any ideas of what's going on and any suggestions to stop the play button from illuminating the LEDs but to still allow the half-depress of the shutter to illuminate them to level II.

There are other strange/annoying and possibly related issues. For example, sometimes the LEDs illuminate as soon as I turn on the flash unit, and if I don't do anything, they stay illuminated indefinitely. Also, pressing the * button on the camera, which I have custom-set as AEL/FEL, causes the flash to fire. Also, pressing the left LED button does nothing, ever, and a short press of the right LED button does nothing, either. (A long press of the right LED button brings up the custom functions.)

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