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tommiejeep wrote:

Terry Donovan gave me a a used/Demo OM-1 in the 70's even though I was a Nikon shooter. Great camera.

That's cool. I hope you held onto it, that may be part of the history.

Donovan's use of light and shade was masterful and his 'staged' spontaneity work at Town magazine was excellent for the magazine but he never seemed to get the completely natural look that Bailey had a knack for getting.

Donovan used 35mm for portability for the outdoor work at Town magazine (mens fashion). If you haven't seen the BBC documentary The Real Blow Up, about the Black Trinity, it's well worth a watch. You might even see that camera in it!

Its available on YouTube (part 1) , full of ads unfortunately but still definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it.

There's a great insight from Bailey in it. When he and Jean Shrimpton went to New York for a Vogue (UK) shoot, Bailey wanted to shoot 35mm but the magazine insisted on 5x4 negatives.

Bailey shot 35mm anyway and then blew up the shots onto 5x4 negatives and delivered those.

The shots were a huge success and got Bailey and Shrimpton an invite to Vogue US.

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